The Benefits

Control: Mediation provides the opportunity to resolve disputes on your own terms, rather than having the court determine the outcome. Also, unlike a dispute in a courtroom that could go on for years, mediation provides a mutually acceptable result in a known time frame.

Confidentiality: By keeping your dispute out of the courtroom, third parties cannot search public records about your dispute. Additionally, the law protects the confidentiality of the mediation process to promote open communication between you and the other party during the mediation.

More Solutions: Unlike litigation, in which the law limits the remedies available to a Judge to resolve a dispute, mediation allows you to create your own solution by taking non-legal as well as legal interests and options into consideration.

Relationships: Litigation puts one side against the other and tends to escalate conflict, which can be especially damaging when you are disputing with family members. Because both sides have to work together during mediation to develop a solution, you may also develop communication and problem-solving skills that will benefit the relationship in the future.

Cost savings: Finally, mediation saves you time and money. By settling your dispute through mediation you can save court costs, legal fees and your time.